It is my intention within my art practice to encourage a discourse around time through paint.

I'm drawn to how we represent ourselves and our environments through the ages. How historically fashions evolve, imperceptibly sometimes, resulting in every era having its own distinct style.

My aim is to transform the historical into a contemporary experience by introducing interventions which create a dialogue that compares and contrasts our ideas around time. These take the form of colourful blocks, line drawings, blurring, tints or painted photographic inserts. Our attention is drawn to the similarities or differences between the elements bringing out a quirky irreverence within the solemnity of classicism.

This is landscape and portraiture less as a topographical record or physical representation but more as a state of mind - a projection of desire over truth. Highlighting how our visual and social perception/morality has evolved or not.

The intrusive elements I've introduced into the landscapes represent either our physical presence, a veil between the past and present or alternatively our contemporary transgressions into the countryside, not just through housing developments and infrastructure but through pesticides and pollution; it reminds us of our distance, both culturally and technologically from that of our predecessors.