Dubufe painting with a green tint
Fragonard classical 18th century portrait painting of young woman and bird
Classical portrait painting of a young girl with bird. Boucher unfocussed with blue tint
Canaletto landscape of the Thames with bridge, river and contemporary shapes
18th Century landscape with figures and a ghostly modern building
19th century bull in landscape with glowing yellow cube intervention. Oil painting
19th century sheep in a landscape with yellow contemporary intervention. Oil painting
Arthur Devis 18th century oil painting with contemporary yellow circle intervention
18th Century portrait painting of a black boy with coloured dot intervention
French 18th Century portrait painting of Louis Duke of Burgandy with coloured dot intervention
Luigi Loir the Grand Palais Paris oil painting with contemporary coloured rectangles
18th Century drawing of Santa Maria by Gaspar Vanvitelli with cube interventions
18th Century Gainsborough painting of the Mall in St James's Park with contemporary intervention
119th Century Frederick Church seascape with black rectangular interventions. Global warming
17th century George de la Tour portrait painting with dot interventions